Private jet shuttle between Nice Côte d'Azur and Moscow

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The cross-European route of Nice Côte d’Azur to Moscow, or Moscow to Nice Côte d’Azur, is a popular year round route. If you’re looking for private jet options connecting these two destinations, we’ve compared three different ways (and prices) for your next trip.

The route between Moscow and Nice is a popular destination for private jet customers, both for leisure flights for Russian-based clients travelling to the South of France in the warmer months; and business travellers moving between the two destinations throughout the year - including those in the real estate industry.

Medium jets upwards can cover this flight route, so clients have a choice of aircraft to fit their preferences, group size and budget.

Some will look for the most cost-effective aircraft for the trip; others are willing to spend more for more cabin space; and some opt for the ultimate experience of a luxury VIP airliner.

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Private jet charter prices: Nice Cote d'Azur - Moscow

Wondering how much it costs to rent a private jet from Nice Côte d'Azur to Moscow? Here are three private jet pricing options.

OPTION 1: Citation XLS

Popular and widely-available, the XLS is the most cost-effective aircraft for this route.
Seats: 8
Estimate charter price: €25 530 (one way) / €27 840 (3-day return)

OPTION 2: Legacy 600

PrivateFly offers exclusive pricing on this spacious and stylish aircraft.
Seats: 13
Charter price: €36 000 (one way)

OPTION 3: Lineage 1000

Enjoy a VIP experience in one of the most luxurious and largest private jet cabins available.
Seats: 16
Estimate charter price: €129 450 (one way) / €170 040 (3-day return)

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Nice Côte d'Azur private jet airport options

Nice Côte d’Azur Airport is the biggest airport in the South of France, serving Nice itself and other parts of the French Riviera.

Open 24 hours and with excellent FBO facilities for private jet travellers, Nice Côte d’Azur Airport runway can handle all sizes of private jets, from helicopters and small props to large VIP airliners.

Cannes Mandelieu Airport is close by, and another good option for those travelling to the area. An exclusive private jet airport, it is popular with those looking for a low profile arrival t o the area, or for the fastest arrival into Cannes itself.

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Moscow private jet airport options

Moscow Vnukovo is the most popular private jet airport in Moscow, located 30km south-west of the city centre. Its runway can handle private jet aircraft of any size and it has 24-hour FBO facilities for private jet customers and crew.

Other airport options in Moscow are Moscow Domodedovo, Moscow Sheremetyevo and Moscow Ramenskoye.

Empty legs between Nice Côte d'Azur & Moscow

For the ultimate private jet savings, empty leg flights between Nice and Moscow can offer one-way private jet pricing at up to 75% discount. Download the PrivateFly app for the latest private jet empty legs between Nice and Moscow, as well as many other global city shuttles.

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